TRANGO at ACSO - Alameda County SWAT Challenge

Sept. 13 - 15 Dublin, California

Trango SWAT Street Combat Training solution will be presented by its partner - KWA - at Alameda County SWAT Challenge that will take place between Sept. 13 - 15 in Dublin, California.
Trango's Street Combat Training Kits offer ideal settings for coordinated team-squad level training, simulating a 360 threat. The advanced level kits are perfect for a higher level of training complexity and can be used to improve the commander C2 capabilities. Trango's solutions for SWAT Street Combat Training help combatants develop micro-tactical abilities and provide flexible training scenarios.
These modular systems are lightweight, easy to transport and adjust, even during the training.
The product is 100% ricochet free, providing safe training environment.
Trango's training systems can be used in extreme weather conditions, withstanding heat, cold, UV, strong winds and rains.