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Panelo is a patent-protected a material that is produced exclusively for Trango Systems by an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer. Its advantages are derived from its distinctly unique qualities:

  • Made of recyclable materia.
  • Less waste, as targets and modules require replacement only after extensive use.
  • Ricochet-free, even when shooting at point blank range.
  • Easy, extremely quick construction of structures, houses, streets, shelters, tunnels. 
  • Multiple modules, to allow assembling houses of different sizes and shapes, as well as different types of furniture.
  • Items built from Panelo can carry considerable weight (for example, a Panelo-built table can carry the weight of a person standing on it).
  • Lightweight.
  • Modular.
  • Able to absorb more than 12,000 hits before requiring replacement.
  • Long lasting – withstands extreme weather conditions.