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What to look for when choosing a range target

Shooting ranges are an integral part of any combat training, be it special forces, military, tactical and SWAT training, private security, or any other.

As of now, most of shooting targets are made of cardboard or plastic boards either attached to a heavy massive construction or in a stand-alone mode.

Targets made of cardboard are not expensive but have a very short life-span of approximately 150-200 rounds. Targets made of plastic boards withstand around 500-1000 hits (depending on the ammunition caliber).

In professional training and large shooting ranges, the targets are attached to massive constructions, which lack flexibility and can’t be used for tactical training (e.g., urban or subterranean warfare). Such constructions are assembled and used in one place only and require hours (if not days) to re-assemble.

So, what to look for when choosing range targets and how to design a perfect shooting range?

Key characteristics:

  1. Safety (ricochet-free)
  2. Flexibility and mobility
  3. Cost-effectiveness (long life-span)
  4. Stability

That’s when Trango’s range targets prove to be the most flexible, long-lasting, and cost effective.

Made of a PANELO – a patented composite manufactured exclusively for Trango Systems – Trango’s targets withstand >4,000 hits with 9 mm and >12,000 hits with 5.56 mm ammunition. The targets may be used with both live and training ammunition.

Trango’s Range Targets Evaluation by Langdon Tactical

To prolong the target’s life-span and make it even more cost-effective, Trango has developed a target (target backer MIKI) with replaceable core, which may be ordered separately and re-assembled easily.

Trango's Shoot Range MIKI target with replaceable core


  1. They are ricochet-free, creating a safe training environment.
  2. Flexibility: may be used at shooting ranges or in tactical/situational training.
  3. Lightweight and fully modular: easy to assemble and move around, as needed.
  4. Long-lasting: strong, withstand extreme weather conditions, stable and sturdy.
  5. Very cost-effective: may be used for a long time, withstanding over 12,000 hits.

These targets may be used at shooting ranges as well as for tactical situational training.

In addition to standards target models, Trango offers a great variety of Friend & Foe targets, ideal for tactical training in urban environment and for developing friend and foe identification skills, as well as Responding Targets, supplied with replaceable cores. The Responding Targets provide an immediate feedback on the shooting accuracy.

Trango responding target

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