Realistic Training for Optimal Results

Combat Training Infrastructure


Basic Infrastructure

Basic Infrastructure large photo

Trango’s Basic Infrastructure is a modular, low-weight structural element design for close-quarters battle (CQB) training or any other urban layout. The lightweight of the infrastructure makes it ideal for responsive, flexible training that can be constantly changed. Thus, making the system perfect for CQB training, drills, and technique.
The infrastructure set-up is manual and easy, does not require any major tools, and can be done easily by anyone.


Barricades large photo

Trango’s barricade is a modular barricade with a top that can be changed to increase training possibilities. The barricade's lightweight allows it to be moved easily between training areas or to adjust for different training scenarios.
The barricade supports different rifle placement, directional fire, and target acquiring patterns applications, thus, allowing for an optimal training experience.

subterranean Infrastructure

subterranean Infrastructure large photo

Trango's underground infrastructure is designed to simulate the underground environment.
The Trango Tunnel can connect between different elements of Trango's basic infrastructure, and include different heights to help the Trainee to adapt properly. Trango's underground infrastructure is modular and can be easily configured, without
additional tools or it can be moved to adapt to changing tactical training scenarios.

Stabilizing Elements

Stabilizing Elements large photo

To enhance Trango’s basic infrastructure stability Trango provides a wide range of stabilizers that can be used to support all of Trango’s products. All stabilizers are made of Trango’s Panelo-O-foam, our ricochet free and highly durable material.


Packages large photo

All basic Infrastructure products are sold as part of a package, this part details the available packages.