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Modular Shoot Houses

Imagine: a terrorist cell is controlling a house or an apartment. They have a hostage or hostages. The house is located in a populated area. There are other houses all around it. There are people on the streets, shops, cars… Collateral damage looks inevitable. You could clear the area and, probably, avoid most of the casualties. Yet, there are still hostages inside. Besides, the wanted subjects may flee the area or merge with the crowd, or just start firing…

A lot of training is required to mitigate the risks of collateral damage and to achieve the mission goals – neutralize the cell and/or take its members into custody.

Now imagine that you can train combat units for this or similar missions using training aids that perfectly simulate urban environment: house or apartment floor plans, even furniture and accessories, that mimic real-life settings. Add to this friends & foe models (targets) and urban-life accessories (garbage containers, trees, benches) and you get your ultimate training set up.

Trango's Shoot House - customized configuration
Trango's Shoot House - Customized configuration

Shoot house training prepares combatants for urban warfare scenarios. It helps training a whole set of specific skills that will save lives while achieving the goals in real-life situations. These skills include: situational and tactical awareness, forced entry techniques, team performance in action, decision making (to shoot or not to shoot), room/building navigation, confidence in critical situations, and more.

The key training element is, still, a shoot house. 

What would an ideal training shoot house look like? What are the must-have features of this shoot house?

  1. The shout house should be MODULAR. There are many possible scenarios and situations, many possible locations and architectural variations. It would be nice to be able to adjust your training shoot house to each mission requirements and to use the same parts to build different structures.
  2. The shout house should be easy to assemble, reassemble and dissemble. Sometimes it’s critical to cover several combat scenarios in a short time, changing the structure settings.
  3. It should be lightweight, so that less people can modify the construction in a shorter time. Besides, it would be easier and faster to transport it.
  4. It should be safe! Live-fire training without the risk of ricochets is a must.
  5. It should be stable. You don’t want your shoot house to fall apart during training and shootings.
  6. It should be sustainable to various harsh weather conditions: extreme temperatures, UV radiation, storms, and rains.
  7. It should withstand a large amount of live fire to last longer and be cost-effective.

TRANGO SYSTEMS' SHOOT HOUSES fulfil all these requirement and more!

  • Advanced training infrastructure that simulates an urban environment
  • Ricochet free: allow live fire in a closed spaces with no risk of ricochets
  • Modular: the same kit blocks can be set up into different building types to fit any operational environment and task
  • Long-lasting: strong, withstands extreme weather conditions, stable.
  • Mobile: lightweight, foldable, easy to transport and re-install
  • Cost-effective: absorbs over 12,000 hits
  • All products are made of PANELO – a patented composite manufactured exclusively for Trango Systems.
  • Available in kits (each kit supports a variety to structures) or custom designs per clients’ specifications or training requirements.
  • Additional accessories (furniture items, friend & foe targets, outdoor accessories, car models) are available.
  • Option to customize and build entire villages or multi-store buildings.

Learn more about Trango’s Shoot Houses.

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