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IDF Chief of Staff about Trango Systems

The IDF Ground Forces Training Arena is a new Training model meant to enhance infantry training programs from the platoon up to the battalion level while focusing on the individual combat soldier capabilities. The Chief of Staff visited the first training facility to implement the new concept, the IMI training academy. 

The model emphasizes the urban terrain challenges. One of the unique qualities of it is advanced After Action Review (AAR) capabilities, which allow for better recording and briefing. Thus, optimizing exercise efficiency.

The Chief of Staff highlights the quality of the IMI training facility. Especially the modular walls that support real-life fire and greatly reduce training time as one of the main pilots for the Training Arena concept.

“There is no doubt this type of facility improves the confidence and capabilities of the training forces. It is an awareness situation, and thanks to this type of training you enter combat with a higher level of ability,” said LTG Kochavi during the visit.

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