It's like walking on water



Floating Platforms

Floating Platforms large photo

Trango’s modular platform can be used as a docking point for naval vessels or as a platform that can carry multiple men. The platform can be used as a mobile dock that connects the vessel and the ground and can carry more than 300 KG per square meter, multiple fighters, and their equipment. The platform is also highly resistant to extreme weather, as well as to tear and wear, and can be used for years. The foam containing hundreds of thousands of closed “cell” per m3, buoyancy is assured even in


Fenders large photo

Trango’s fender is composed out of a polymer material allowing it to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against the floating platform. The fender can be connected to various vessels, docks, or Trango’s floating platform, bridges, and more.


BARRICADING  Elements large photo

Trango’s Barricading buoy can be supplied in various colors, or with a bell, a horn, or design in a manner that makes it easily-identified using radar. It can be used to mark naval borders or routes, as well as dangerous areas. Trango is also able to supply an anchoring buoy, that can be connected to the anchor allowing it to easily extract the anchor when departing.