Simple Solutions
for Complex Training

About Us

A security solutions provider specializing in infrastructure for CQB & Combat Training

Trango provides solutions based on the broad knowhow and hands-on experience in combat and counter-terrorism, acquired by Trango's founders.

Product Portfolio

Trango’s products Provide the optimal solution for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or Closed Quarters Combat training (CQC).  
Our products are suitable for the use of Special Forces, SWAT Teams, Law Enforcement, The Military, Private Security Companies and Shooting Ranges.

Urban Tactic Solutions

The Challenges:

The complexity of the urban environment,  often crowded, offering numerous possibilities for adversaries to hide or shield before surprise attack.
The presence of tunnels, used by enemy forces to stealthily move from one location to another, and exploit the element of surprise

The Trango Approach:

Trango offers modular solutions allowing for flexible and dynamic training.

 Tailor the configuration to address your particular urban terrain challenges.

  Easily modify, relocate, enhance – as may be needed (light weight and fully modular).

Mobile Modular Shoot House

Constantly changing CQB training

Trango modular non-ballistic infrastructure allows for a fast transition between different CQB training layouts from individual to squad level training

Customer Types

Trango's products provide a wide range of solutions that fit Military Law Enforcements, Special forces, Training Academies, Marine, Navy and Security Companies, Shooting Range