modular shoot houses

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mobile modular shoot houses

Advanced training infrastructure designed to perfectly simulate urban environment.

Mobile modular shoot houses are designed using building packs that allow creating different building types to practice combat operational skills in various scenarios.

In addition to standard shoot house kits, you may create a fully customized building environment based on your training requirements and/or floorplans.

The modular structure, light weight, and simple assembly allow to change the scenes during training. Adding Friend & Foe targets (models), Functional and Printed household items, and Outdoor Accessories helps creating truly realistic environment, ideal for combat tactical and situational training.

Why Train With modular shoot houses

Simulate various types of scenarios

Enhance trainee decision making skills

Provide ideal settings for room entrance and clearing drills

Improve teams coordination

Enhance friend and foe identification skills

Enhance fast target acquisition capabilities

Why Train With Trango

Ricochet Free

No risk of ricochet. Safe training environment

Fully Modular

Easy to assemble. allows for changes throughout training


Strong, withstands extreme weather conditions


Easy to move, transport and reinstall



Withstands over 12,000 hits, stable & sturdy

Modular shoot houses | Evalable Configurations

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