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MODULAR barricades

Along with supporting different weapon placements and shooting positions, Trango’s Modular Barricades engage targets offering different hole patterns. Additionally, all our products are made of PANELO – a patented composite manufactured exclusively for Trango Systems. Above all, they are ricochet-free and lightweight and, therefore, ideal for safe and efficient combat training.

Military print Barricade (1)

Brick print Barricade (2)

Stone print barricade (3)

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barricades collage

Combat training with Trango’s modular barricades

During the combat training with barricades, participants usually learn how to use barricades and other forms of cover to their advantage. Furthermore, training with barricades includes training on how to take cover, how to peek out from behind cover to engage targets, and how to move from one piece of cover to another. All these, while minimizing their exposure to enemy fire. Besides, they may also learn to create makeshift modular barricades or use pre-existing barricades to create defensive positions.

Why Train With Trango Modular barricades

Ricochet Free

No risk of ricochet. Safe training environment

Fully Modular

Easy to assemble. allows for changes throughout training


Strong, withstands extreme weather conditions


Easy to move, transport and reinstall


Withstands over 12,000 hits, stable & sturdy

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