swat training

swat training

street environment warfare

Realistic modular training infrastructure that provides ideal settings for a coordinated team-squad level SWAT training.

Enables combatants to train for complex operational movement while simulating 360 degrees threat. The high level of training complexity can be used to improve the commander C2 abilities as well.

Why use SWAT training tracks

Simulate a complex urban environment

Improve combatants team-work skills

provide a realistic simulation of enemy threat

Enhance decision making skills

Develop friend and foe identification skills

Provide ideal settings for C2 training

Improve situational awareness

Why Train With Trango

Ricochet Free

No risk of ricochet. Safe training environment

Fully Modular

Easy to assemble. allows for changes throughout training


Strong, withstands extreme weather conditions


Easy to move, transport and reinstall



Withstands over 12,000 hits, stable & sturdy

Swat Training | kits & more

basic kit

advanced kit

expert kit

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