Trango Systems Training Infrastructure

by LEGEAR (Australia)

Trango Systems Shooting Barricade

by RealWorld Tactical

Trango Systems Shoot House

Operator about his experience with Trango Shoot House enhanced with functional furniture and Friend & Foe targets

Trango Systems Shoot House & Barricade

by Jason Falla from Redback One

Trango's Range Targets Evaluation

by Langdon Tactical

Review on Trango's BARRICADES

Trango Systems Barriers are easy to set up, light weight, stable and have zero frag hazards. Having a realistic depth barrier like these, Trango Systems barriers, which are as thick as a solid block wall, makes shooting through loop holes even more challenging as the field of fire narrows, making you work harder for your hits without striking the barrier.

Jason Falla, Director at Redback One


It will take a lot of rounds, but at the same time, it’s very versatile. All the walls are movable, so you can set it up internally or externally in any shape that you need and you can move it around and rearrange it for every scenario you need to run next.

Adam Halley, Homeland Security Consultant

Review on Trango's CQB TRAINING TRACKS​

It has lasted literally thousands upon thousands of rounds, it isn’t affected by rain or sun or heat, really cools set-up from Trango Systems.

Ernest Langdon, Law Enforcement Training Expert​