The Company

Creating realistic infrastructure for
Smart Combat Training in urban environment

Trango Systems is a security solutions provider specializing in development & manufacturing realistic combat training infrastructure. The products are developed for use by military units and homeland security agencies to prepare combatants to effectively and efficiently deal with present day challenges in the battlefield. Simulating realistic operational setting and supporting training in a wide range of scenarios, Trango’s training infrastructure is ideal for practicing combat skills in urban environment.

Why Choose Trango

Fully Modular

Same components may be used to build a wide range of training scenarios. The shoot houses may  simulate various floorplans. With additional packages such structures may be used to construct office buildings and storage or recreational facilities, and more. Different kits may be used together to build streets with buildings and tunnels. Add Friend & Foe targets and realistic accessories to create a complex true-to-life training infrastructure.

Developed With Expertise

The systems are developed by former military executives with real battlefield and training experience in counter-terrorism and CQB operations. Every detail and real battlefield need is taken into account to create the ultimate training environment and prepare combatants to effectively fulfil mission goals, save lives, and avoid collateral damage.


The modularity and flexibility of Trango Systems’ are enhanced by its light weight, which allows for changing the constructions and battlefield environment simulations throughout the training. 

The structures may be easily assembled and re-assembled to support multiple training scenarios.


The Panel-o-Foam material exclusively developed for Trango Systems withstands extreme weather conditions, including UV radiation, extreme temperatures, rains, and snow storms.

It also sustains >12,000 hits with 5.56 mm and >3,000 with 9 mm calibers. 

Ricochet Free

All Trango’s systems made of Panelo are ricochet free, creating a safe training environment. 


Due to their modular structure, you may re-order only the components required to be renewed, and continue using the existing ones (e.g. shooting targets). This is in addition to the long-lasting and ricochet free features

The Founders

Hagai Mordechai | Brig. Gen. (ret.)

Division Commander, combat experience in major campaigns, Paratroopers Brigade commander, Head of IDF Tactical Commander Academy

Eitan Ben Gad | Lt. Col. (ret.)

Senior commander at Elite Combat units, COO at Paratroopers Brigade & IDF Central Command. IDF Counter-Terrorism Academy

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