CQB Tactical
Training TRACKS

customizable modular training tracks

New Training Concept

Train tactical skills and situational awareness in the realistic environment of CQB TACTICAL TRAINING TRACKS

Trango Solutions: CQB Tactical Training Tracks

Advanced training infrastructure solution designed to enhance small units’ and forces organic training capabilities.

The optimal infrastructure solution is designed to enhance forces’ micro-tactical abilities and allow for flexible training at all levels

CQB Training Kit

Why Train With CQB Tactical Training Tracks

Practice different firing positions

Enhance rapid target acquisition capabilities

Gain & enhance decision-making skills

Improve team coordination

Practice movement between covers

Improve situational awareness

Train multi-angle fire skills

Why Train With Trango

Ricochet Free

No risk of ricochet. Safe training environment

Fully Modular

Easy to assemble. allows for changes throughout training


Strong, withstands extreme weather conditions


Easy to move, transport and reinstall



Withstands over 12,000 hits, stable & sturdy

CQB Training Track Kits

Basic Kit

Advanced Kit

Expert Kit

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