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Following the rules on the battlefield with no rules

Creating realistic training environment to prepare for the challenges of the modern day warfare

Why battlefield with no rules?

Although, since approximately 19th century, the civilization is trying to adhere to certain agreements, conventions, and laws on how to conduct military conflicts, the reality is different, and the latest major military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a sad confirmation of that. Even though, moral standards, responsibility, accountability are great words and even greater concepts, that’s all they are – words and concepts. Sadly, they have nothing in common with reality.
Considering this, what is left to say about much less “regulated” encounters, like guerilla wars or terrorist activities? These “wars” often occur in urban, heavily populated areas, while the bad guys have very little respect of the life or wellbeing of the civilians or while the targets are the civilians.

Train for real-life battlefield, stick to moral values

Keeping that in mind, it is important for tactical units to train and be prepared to stick to moral values and weapon ethics, even in situations where the enemy does not. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine serves as a stark reminder for the West to remain vigilant and ready. Evidently, tactical units need to be skilled in accuracy, making good choices, and avoiding harm to civilians.

Under such circumstances, law enforcement or military units need to achieve two goals: protect the civilians and neutralize the threat. Indeed, there may be lots of interpretations to “neutralizing the threat,” each falls under a different “neutralization” scenario.

shoot houses, vehicle models, barricades

In the realm of combat training, the pursuit of realism is paramount. The ability to recreate authentic scenarios and replicate the unpredictable nature of live engagements is crucial for honing the skills and instincts of military and law enforcement personnel. Hence, by providing an immersive and lifelike training environment, training facilities can stand out and meet the challenges of combat training requirements, ensuring that professionals are prepared for the dynamic nature of real-world encounters.

Fighting by rules on the battlefield with no rules

Combat training is fraught with challenges that go beyond mere physical endurance. The unpredictable nature of real-world battlefield demands adaptability, quick thinking, and teamwork. Therefore, by recreating these challenges in a controlled yet realistic environment, Trango Systems addresses the core requirements of combat training.

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