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Si vis pacem, para bellum

If you want peace, be prepared for a war.

Unfortunately, this has not changed since the beginning of time. The sad truth behind this phrase is: If you are perceived as weak, others will use it to kill you; you become prey. You want peace? Be strong and be ready, so that others avoid provoking you. Sounds bad? It does! And it is! Especially in our advanced democratic age. But isn’t it true? Well, the latest wars show that it still is: 
Love of life is mistaken for weakness, kindness — for stupidity, humanity — for inability to fight back. 

Since there is no alternative reality we can live in, we need to play by the rules of this one. But we must not forget that the goal of being prepared for war is to bring hope and save lives, everyone’s life. 

Fighting to save lives

training for saving lives

We always speak about strategy, battlefield skills, attacks, tactical advantages, and so on, but we forget the simple truth: we fight to save lives. Behind every strategy, attack, or defense are somebody’s lives: civilians’ or soldiers’, and we are fighting for them. 

When we say “enhancing tactical skills,” what we really mean is a chance to be prepared and capable to save somebody’s life.

When we say “training in the realistic environment of an urban setting,” what we really mean is giving kids a chance to grow up with their parents and for the soldiers to get back to their families. 

When we say “functional furniture for a shoot house” or “Friend & Foe Targets,” what we really mean is: “There may be innocent people in there; learn how to keep them alive, and don’t forget to stay alive yourself.” 

These are the real meaning and the real goals behind Trango’s “Modular Infrastructure for Combat Training.” 

war hope life

We are here to create the best, most effective, and safest training environment, to prepare the soldiers and officers to act efficiently in critical combat situations while protecting and saving their lives and the lives of others. Because life is the most precious gift, and we are here to embrace it.

Be prepared to save lives

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