Trango at the National Police Week 2023 


Trango participating in the National Police Week 2023


23 SFS/820the BDG Ranges, 1316 Rifle Range Road, Moody AFB, VA


May 17, 2023
08:00 – 16:00

Trango is participating in the National Police Week 2023

Trango will present its advanced modular solutions for combat, special forces, police and military training within the framework of the National Police Week 2023.

23SFS will be hosting a pistol EIC at the base CATM Range. Individuals will get a chance to compete for the EIC pistol metal.

The 38 RQS will be hosting a weapons demonstration for various vendors at the BDG Range and will get a chance to conduct live-fire shooting utilizing weapons provided by GLOCK and Daniel Defense.

ENTREES: For all DOD and Law Enforcement Personnel – CLICK HERE to sign up or show up to event and select available time slot.