Trango is arriving at SHOT SHOW 2024


Caesars Forum, Las Vegas

Booth #70446


January 23-26, 2024

Trango gears up for the upcoming SHOT Show 2024. It the largest trade event for shooting sports, military, and law enforcement industries. Therefore, we at Trango Systems are excited to showcase our latest advancements in tactical training solutions. Our focus at this year’s event is on presenting our innovative, fully modular systems designed for urban combat training.

Our mission is grounded in the reality of urban combat challenges. Inspired by Trango’s founder’s direct experience in combat and counter-terrorism, we understand the complexity of urban environments – crowded spaces, tunnels, and the potential for surprise attacks. Hence, our systems are specifically designed to prepare military and law enforcement personnel for these challenges, offering flexible and dynamic training solutions.

Training Solutions: Modular and Realistic

At SHOT Show 2024 you will experience first-hand the adaptability and realism of our training systems. Since our modular approach allows for easy modification, movement, and enhancement of training setups, it accommodates a variety of urban terrain challenges. This flexibility is crucial for creating realistic and effective training environments.

Trango’s products are the result of extensive expertise

Former military executives, possessing real-life battlefield and counter-terrorism training experience, developed our systems. Consequently, these systems address every critical need in modern combat training. Their expertise ensures that our training environments are not only realistic but also effective in preparing combatants for mission success with minimal collateral damage.

Saying that, we are proud to showcase the versatility of our systems at the SHOT Show. From constructing shoot houses that simulate diverse floorplans to creating complex street and tunnel scenarios, our components are designed for a wide range of training applications.

Trango at the Show Show 2024

Participating in the SHOT Show 2024 offers us a valuable opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, law enforcement agencies, and military units. We look forward to sharing our insights, learning from others, and exploring new solutions that will continue to improve safety and efficiency in tactical training.

As we prepare for the SHOT Show 2024, our commitment at Trango Systems to advancing tactical training remains steadfast. We are excited to demonstrate how our systems can contribute to preparing combatants for the complexities of modern urban warfare. Join us at the SHOT Show to explore how we can enhance your training programs and ensure mission readiness.