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Combat training with barricades

Barricade is any object or structure that creates a barrier or obstacle. In a combat situation, barricades may be used by enemy forces to create a barrier or obstacle. They are also perfect as a cover from the enemy fire and a tool to achieve tactical advantage. Proper use of barricades provides safety and enhances efficiency.

Combat training with barricades is essential for gaining advantage on a battlefield.

combat training with barricades

Combat tactical training with barricades

A type of military or law enforcement training that involves learning how to navigate and engage in combat in an environment where barricades or other forms of cover are present. The goal of this training is to prepare soldiers or law enforcement personnel for real-world situations where they may need to use cover to protect themselves and engage in combat with hostile forces.

During the combat training with barricades, participants typically learn how to use barricades and other forms of cover to their advantage, including how to take cover, how to peek out from behind cover to engage targets, and how to move from one piece of cover to another while minimizing their exposure to enemy fire. They may also learn to create makeshift barricades or use pre-existing barricades to create defensive positions.

Scenarios that simulate real-world combat situations are especially helpful, e.g., clearing a building or responding to an ambush. This helps participants apply the skills they have learned in a realistic and high-pressure environment.

Overall, combat tactical training with barricades is an important part of preparing military and law enforcement personnel for combat situations where cover and concealment can be critical to their survival. It helps them develop the skills they need to stay safe and engage enemy forces effectively in a variety of different scenarios.

Trango Systems Modular Barricades

Trango Systems’ modular barricades are the perfect tool for tactical situational combat training. They may be used as stand-alone barricades or as part of a larger training infrastructures, such as CQB training tracks or SWAT street environment tracks.

Ideal for training different shooting positions, as well as situational use of barriers

barricades collage

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Ricochet Free

Fully Modular





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Trango at EUROSATORY 2024: 17-21 June 2024. We’ll be there on June 19-20 to meet everyone! Find us at Syans Stand Hall 5b E334.

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