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Eric from Trango speaks about shooting targets

And one more look back at Shot Show 2023, where Eric from Trango speaks about shooting targets and shoot houses. Eric Perez (Trango Systems) answers the questions of Yonatan Stern, CEO at Cherev Gidon. Eric emphasizes the Trango’s targets capability of withstanding >12,000 hits with 5.56mm. Additionally, he speaks about their key characteristics: safety, flexibility, mobility, cost-effectiveness, and stability. Another key point of the interview is advanced modular structures for smart tactical training. 

More from the Shot Show 2023:

After watching this short video on what Eric from Trango says about shooting targets, take a look at some more information on shooting targets and how to choose an ultimate target for your training or shoot range, see our article “What to look for when choosing a range target.”

To sum up,


  1. They are ricochet-free, creating a safe training environment.
  2. Flexibility: may be used at shooting ranges or in tactical/situational training.
  3. Lightweight and fully modular and, therefore, easy to assemble and move around, as needed.
  4. Long-lasting: strong, withstand extreme weather conditions, stable and sturdy.
  5. Besides, they are very cost-effective and may be used for a long time, withstanding over 12,000 hits.

Altogether, these targets may be used at shooting ranges as well as for tactical situational training.

In addition, Trango offers a great variety of Friend & Foe targets, ideal for tactical training in urban environment and for developing friend and foe identification skills, as well as Responding Targets, supplied with replaceable cores. The Responding Targets provide an immediate feedback on the shooting accuracy.

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