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Polymer Range Shooting Targets


As part of a process to enhance efficiency, IDF has issued a tender for the supply of multi-use polymer shooting range targets for the entire Ground Forces.

Polymer targets have multiple advantages over other products in the market. The high durability of such a target allows it to be used for weeks and even months depending on the model, company, ammo type, and level of training. this durability allows you to reduce the time of preparations needed for training, by using the same shooting target without replacing it, unlike cardboard targets that needed to be replaced frequently.  Thus, lengthening the actual time available for combat training. Furthermore, the lightweight of the polymer shooting range target is much lighter than metal targets, allowing for an easier set-up of the training grounds with not much effort.

The reduction of training time is just one factor that may have influenced the IDF decision. until today, the IDF had to store a high amount of cardboard targets for combat firearms training. The use of polymer targets that can take more than 12,000 5.56 caliber rounds before needing to be replaced, allows to significantly reduce the storage volume for the shooting targets. The reduction of both target replacement and storage volume makes the polymer targets the most cost-effective solution in the market for firearms training.

As much as these two elements are important factors in the IDF considerations, some additional factors may have influenced the IDF decisions. Most of the Polymer targets in the market are devoid of any ricochet or fragmentation danger. Thus, elevating the training level of safety while providing more training options that were dangerous with other equipment, especially short-range rifle or pistol shooting drills, training that may be crucial for actual Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training.

When you combine all these factors together, it’s hard to deny that Polymer shooting range targets provide better value for cost, a higher level of safety and training, and reduce training time. When you add into the fact that they can be used at difficult weather situations, are water-resistant, and can be easy to adjust to any training needs, the IDF decision seems to be an excellent one.

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