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What makes a good Shoot House

If you ask “what makes a good shoot house,” it’s probably because you have already had some experience with using such structures.


Considering today’s warfare tactics, it is essential to practice combat skills in urban environment. Military units, SWAT teams, Law enforcement, and Private Security combat personnel, all require extensive urban warfare training.

Shoot House (or Kill House) is a structure designed for tactical combat training in an environment that simulates true life scenarios.

So, what are the characteristics to look for when choosing a Shoot House for combat tactical training? 

1. Modularity

There may be infinite number of CQB battle scenarios. All of them require different sets of skills and posing numerous tactical challenges. To develop these skills and be ready to face and act effectively in a real-life combat situation both extensive diverse training and appropriate settings are the absolute must. It would be very costly and inefficient to purchase many different Shoot Houses. Besides that, it’s not always possible to look for existing structures suitable for such training.

Altogether, Modular Shoot Houses need to allow using the same components for creating different training settings and, thus, practicing tactical and situational awareness skills in different real-life scenarios.

They are ideal for an effective urban warfare combat training.

Same components – different settings

2. Mobility

Additionally, combat units need to be highly flexible and mobile while training at different locations. Light weight and, hence, mobility are very important factors. This also means that your Shoot House needs to be easily assembled, dismantled, and then reassembled at a new location. In today’s dynamic reality, it’s critically important to be able to adjust to new emerging situations and train personnel at different locations.

3. Safety

It is paramount for any training environment to be safe. On the other hand, live-fire training is not less important. It prepares combatants for effective actions in real life situations. In other words, all the Shoot House walls and connecting parts must be ricochet free and must meet the highest safety standards.

Considering the variety of today’s ammunition and the necessity to train with all of them, safety considerations must include the material safety-compatibility to allow deployment of all types of ammunition.

4. Ease of Use

Ease of use primarily refers to the ability to assemble and reassemble Shoot Houses quickly. The process should not involve any professional assistance. This, above all, means intuitive and simple combination and integration of lightweight building blocks.

5. Long Lifespan

There are several factors that contribute to Shoot Houses’ lifespan. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Considering the use of live fire in the course of the training, you need to take into account, how many rounds of fire your Shoot House may withstand. Along with that, you do not purchase a it for just a few training sessions. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the Shoot House you choose can withstand a considerable amount of live-fire rounds (check for all major ammo types).
  • Weather resistance: a Shoot House needs to be resistant to different, often extreme, weather conditions: heat, cold, snow, heavy rain and hail, winds, etc. Two main contributors to weather resistance are: material and sturdiness.

6. Cost-effectiveness

This characteristic is quite obvious. Shoot Houses’ cost-effectiveness results from a combination of factors and characteristics: how long can you use the Shoot House? How many rounds of fire can it withstand? Do you need to purchase additional structures or can use the ones you’ve got in different combinations? Do you need a Shoot House for each location (if there are a few or many) or you can move the same one easily between different locations? Will it serve you for a long time or break after a strong thunderstorm?

To sum-up:

The major considerations when choosing a good long-lasting Shoot House for your tactical situational combat training include modularity and customization capabilities, weight and mobility, safety, stability and sturdiness, lifespan, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.

Trango Systems designs all its products using building packs that allow creating different building types to practice combat operational skills in various scenarios.

In addition to standard kits, you may create a fully customized building environment based on your training requirements and/or floorplans.

The modular structure, light weight, and simple assembly allow to change the scenes during training. Adding Friend & Foe targets (models), Functional and Printed household items, and Outdoor Accessories helps creating truly realistic environment, ideal for combat tactical and situational training.

See how easy it should be to construct a perfect shoot house

Ricochet Free

Fully Modular






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Trango at EUROSATORY 2024: 17-21 June 2024. We’ll be there on June 19-20 to meet everyone! Find us at Syans Stand Hall 5b E334.

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